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Kutija svetlo

Kutija svetlo

October 2, 2018


The paper in general shows the author’s experiment with the interaction between light and architectural space. The goal is to create particular research method that improves the creative process of an architect concerning architectural light during the design. All explorations serve as a basis to stimulate imagination and creativity in architectural design with simple manipulations with matter at first and then with abstract images. The research process takes a case study of
author’s museum project in the conceptual phase of design. The experiment itself
is consisted of two phases. The first phase is based on creating several physical models, so called light boxes, that each represents minimized reference space of the museum. Physical models are subjects to manipulation with the openings in
the walls or the roof, the objects inside of it, and the way that light penetrates into the interior. These minimal interventions on the models result with the richness in spatial relations between light and objects that can be captured with a media
close to architectural practice, such as photography. The second phase of the
experiment is based on the analysis of the collected images of the interior of physical models and their further processing in digital way. Digital processing of the collected images represents creating diagrams of light and shadows, defining
centre of attention, light zones and light directions, based on the theoretical concept that has also been developed in this paper.

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